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Redmagic is the company that provides its best services and delivers the complete gaming experience on mobile, our platform leading with the name of Redmagic. Redmagic is a website that provides news and information about the gaming industry. They cover topics such as Esports, game reviews, and industry events.

Redmagic was established in 2017 as a resource for gamers and industry professionals. They`ve rapidly grown since then and have become one of the leading sources of gaming information and news.

What we do

Redmagic covers the gaming industry comprehensively. They provide news and updates on global Esports tournaments, review the latest games, and cover industry events such as expos and conferences. Additionally, they offer a community platform to discuss gaming-related topics and news.

Our customer service

Redmagic has excellent customer service. They offer a support team available to answer questions and assist customers. They also provide an online forum for users to get help from each other and stay up-to-date with the latest news in the gaming industry. 

Get Free Shipping on Orders over $50

It`s straightforward; you can get free shipping on orders over $50 at Redmagic by joining the Red Magic Loyalty Program. This program offers a 10% discount on orders of $50 or more. Also, as a loyalty member, you will be eligible for free shipping on all orders.

Best Products Provided By Redmagic

Redmagic offers a range of high-performance gaming products, such as smartphones, accessories, and gaming laptops. Some of their most popular items include their 9 Pro 5G smartphone, the ultra-thin Red Magic 3 gaming laptop, and the Esports gaming headset. Moreover, they provide these categories if you want much better products; go through them to find the best quality products. 

  1. Gaming smartphones 

  2. Pc gaming

  3. Store where you get anything you want 

The Bottom Line:

Redmagic is the best store that provides the best services to its customers. Also, they offer free delivery on orders over $50. This is the best company which is continuously leading worldwide because of their excellent services, team performance and like by their customer by the quality of their products.

If you have any questions regarding the products and want to help someone, go on their helpline. Their teams will coordinate and give you intelligent solutions to your problems. Don`t hesitate to coordinate with their teams. 

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