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Chery Industrial strives to be your top choice for industrial equipment. Collaborating closely with manufacturers, they offer a diverse range of high-quality products including construction equipment, storage tents, mobile restrooms, skid steer attachments, and more. Their Pod modules are one of the best products. 


A pod module is a compact and often modular housing unit that can be used for various purposes. They are popular for their efficient use of space, quick construction times, and potential for sustainability features. Here are 4 pod modules from Chery Industrial that you might like.

Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 13ft

Two words that can describe this module are cute and convenient. This tiny house is compact and can fit into a very small space of 13fts but it is equipped with all the necessities and enough space to move inside. The module has 79”x60” bed space and in front, it has a wall that separates the washroom from the bed space. The front part and the door are reflective on the outside and see-through from the inside, this way you don`t feel clustered inside this tiny apartment.


  • The Apple cabin features elegant white aluminum panels for a modern outdoor sophistication.

  • Stay connected with ease, charge your devices, or power your appliances effortlessly.

  • Enjoy natural light through double-layer push-out windows for a bright and inviting atmosphere.

  • Eco-friendly interiors with wood-plastic gusset board and EO-grade ecological board for healthy living.

  • The aluminum alloy folding door not only enhances the cabin`s aesthetic appeal but also provides a smooth and stylish entry point.

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Get Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 13ft with the starting price of 11240.55 USD

Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 16ft

This 16ft pod module has all the essentials that you need for a house. There are three areas in this tiny place that facilitate living. The first portion is the living room which has a table and two sitting spaces, where you can enjoy food or work while sitting, the next area has cabinets and a counter where you can put an electric stove or other items. It has a shelf on the adjacent wall which gives more space for storage. Behind this wall is the third portion which is a washroom and a sink. There is a window on the wall beside the sitting area which is good for ventilation or just enjoying the weather outside. 


  • The cabin features a modern exterior with aluminum composite panels and white fluorocarbon single-coated aluminum plates.

  • Stay connected with ease, charge your devices, or power your appliances effortlessly.

  • Enjoy a bright interior with double-layer, high-strength windows that let in natural light.

  • Interiors prioritize eco-conscious living with wood-plastic gusset plates and EO-grade ecological plates.

  • Aluminum alloy doors add style and provide a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.




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You can buy this Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 16ft for 16342.78 USD after a discount

Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 20ft

This 20ft tiny house gives the feeling of a studio apartment. They are well-equipped and have everything you need. You can easily spend days in this apartment without needing to get anything (apart from groceries) from outside. It is spacious enough to accommodate all the things necessary for living. There is a place for a bed on the corner and on top of it, there is a storage unit. And a window on the back of the bed. Beside the bed, there’s a washroom which is equipped with a shower with a shower curtain, a toilet seat, and a wash basin. 


  • Stay connected effortlessly with integrated USB outlets for device charging and appliance power.

  • Experience a bright interior through lightweight, double-layer windows, flooding the space with natural sunlight.

  • Prioritize sustainability with wood-plastic and EO-grade ecological materials for a green living space.

  • Seamlessly transition between indoors and outdoors with stylish aluminum alloy doors.

  • Set the perfect mood for any occasion with customizable lighting options.



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This beautiful Outdoor Living and Working Tiny House 20ft is available for 16600.99 USD on sale

20ft Modified Container House

This 20ft container house contains a washbasin and a spacious washroom with a shower and a toilet. The rest of the container is empty giving you liberty to do whatever and design it however you like. You can install furniture inside and set it according to your requirements. Make it a workspace, a bedroom or just a fun space to chill as per your liking. This little house is good to keep in your backyard as a workspace outside of the house


  • Simplify your project timelines with hassle-free installation, saving you time and resources.

  • Fits various foundation types, offering flexibility for different environments.

  • Minimize expenses by effortlessly relocating the structure as needed, eliminating the need for costly rebuilding or renovation.

  • Enhance safety with superior fire-resistant properties for peace of mind.

  • Reduce long-term costs with minimal upkeep and affordable initial purchase.

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Buy this incredible 20ft Modified Container House from the website for the discounted price of 24210.41 USD


These pod modules provide a spacious room in spite of being very tiny. These pod modules take less construction time and have great potential for sustainability. With these, you can host guests, work from home, or go for a relaxing getaway. Chery Industrial provides excellence and reliability in their products making their pod modules stand out.


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