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Your ideal traveling partner for booking last-minute lodging, travel, and activities is Lastminute AU. offers the best last-minute deals, allowing you to enjoy luxurious city stays, lengthy weekend trips, and unplanned foreign travel for less money.

We established ourselves as the go-to resource for last-minute travel more than ten years ago when introducing the hidden Hotels concept to Australia.

At, premium stays are guaranteed at the lowest price and with 24/7 customer assistance. They have access to the best last-minute flights, excursions, vacation packages, and millions of fantastic hotels to rest in tonight.

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Your unstoppable journey starts today; your never-lasting holiday packages, accommodation, flights, holiday packages, and much more shop now at Lastminute. 

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The Best and Cheap Hotels Deals

Lastminute offers many cheap hotel deals which are perfect for your trips. Last minute, AU offers many great deals on hotels. Last-minute AU provides several ways to get the best and cheapest hotel deals.

You can use the Hotels deals page on their website or use the search feature to refine your results and find the most affordable option for your budget. Additionally, you can sign up for their newsletter to get exclusive discounts and special offers.

Flights and Holidays at Lastminute


Need to fly as soon as possible? And also wants a comfortable flight? Without any stress? So you are in the right place. Lastminutes give you the best deals on flights and holidays. To provide you with the best comfort and make your trip more memorable.

Lastminute AU provides information about flights around the world. You can search for flight information, prices, availability, and more on their website.


Lastminute AU offers various holidays, from all-inclusive packages to city breaks and beach escapes. You can find details about different types of holidays, what’s included, and prices on their website.


The two partners who co-founded Lastminute AU are Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman. The CEO of this business, Fabio Cannavale and Martha Lane Fox, are the first and second.

The company`s founder is Brent Hoberman. You may locate your preferred location here, and they offer their best services to their clients. The top hotels, places, flights, and breathtaking locations are listed here. They provide luxurious flights, a service that makes travel more comfortable and restful. Visit their official website and choose your preferred location.

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