About Eyewa UAE Store

Eyewa UAE was established in 2007. This is the platform where you get the best glasses categories that suit your personality; Eyewa wants to make that kind of a platform where their beloved customers easily buy their favorite glasses at an affordable price. All these glasses are available for men and women at very affordable prices. This is the platform where you create a unique, efficient and memorable shopping experience for everyone.

This is the best leading store because customers try their glasses collection and like their products because of their product quality. Since then, we have grown to be the largest and most reputable online eyewear retailer in the Middle East, offering the best brands of prescription glasses, sunglasses, blue-light-blocking glasses, color contacts, and corrective contacts. 

Categories of the Glasses

We mentioned the glasses categories that help you choose the right glass that perfectly suits your personality. 

  1. Sunglasses 

  2. Casual Glasses 

  3. Computer And Blue Light Glasses 

  4. Corrective Contact Lenses 

  5. Glasses And Lenses Accessories 


Everyone wants to protect their eyes from the sun and enhance their personality with classy glasses; here, you get all the classic glasses that protect you from negative raze, also available with smart colors. You can choose your glasses by lens color, brand, price, type, gender, frame shape, age, frame colors, frame material, frame size, and frame type. Here is a lot of option available for your comfort. Try these all classic sunglasses. Browse our carefully curated collection of sunglasses to stay fashionable and UV protected.

Casual Glasses

We made it simpler for you to purchase prescription eyewear online from the convenience of your home. All these glasses are super cool; you can choose these glasses by glasses shape, materials, gender, lens, and so many other options. If you want more information, go to their official website to read all the details regarding your favorite glasses. 

Computer and Blue Light Glasses

Here is one of the best glasses in all these categories: computer and light blue glasses. Our glasses are not just fashionable; they protect the eyes from damage by filtering out harmful blue light rays. Here is all option available for selecting your glasses. 

Corrective Contact Lenses

Wearing our colored contact lenses with style and comfort will help you show off your true colors. These are super elegant and comfortable to wear. Try all these lenses and make your personality charm. These lenses were available in all colors. Please use our clear contact lenses for unaltered vision and ideal all-day comfort.

Glasses and Lenses Accessories

Glasses and lens accessories are most important, and it is not easy to gain them in one place. But Eyewa UAE gives you these entire in one place. Now you can get all these accessories in only one Eyewa UAE store. So now go and get these all at affordable prices. 


Visit your neighborhood Eyewa store right away. We are constantly working to grow throughout Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Eyewa stores have all the categories of glasses and lenses. Shop all these accessories in one place. 

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